I created this recipe back in 2013 and I’ve been amazed to see how it’s spread across the internet. They are perfectly gooey inside and have the classic “cracked” brownie look. These guys are rich and gooey…..just like brownies should be! Nutella Brownies Recipe | 3 Ingredients Nutella Brownie Recipe with step by step pictures and a short Video. Last month I got a gift from my friend a big fat jar of Nutella. Nutella is one favourite ingredient of many and.It is prepared from Hazelnut and chocolate. And all for less than It remains one of my favorite recipes of all time and is a go-to dessert recipe that I make for potlucks and parties. And so quick and easy too….with only 3 ingredients =) Ingredients: – 1 1\4 cup of Nutella – 2 eggs (…if looking to reduce the amount of eggs, substitute one of the eggs with 1\2 of a banana) – 1\2 cup all purpose flour (In Italy: tipo 00) – Chopped hazelnuts (optional) In the mission of emptying the Nutella I made some gooey brownies. These Nutella brownies only need 3 ingredients and are ready in less 30 minutes from start to finish.
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