The tree is considered to be sacred by Hindus Also contains fiber, proteins, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, iron. Posted June 1, 2015. Bael fruit powder and juice, root, and leaf decoction are the most common ways to avail of its medicinal benefits. Bael fruits and leaves are commonly used in North-Indian households as medicine. In Naturopathy 1. To relieve chest congestion and cold, the Bael fruit oil is applied over chest and forehead, over sinus region. From treating cold and cough, the juice of bael fruit is beneficial in the cure of chronic asthma too. A famous drink known as sherbet is made from the bael fruit and it has been known for its medicinal values since 2000 BC. By admin. If you talk about the benefits then the herb is loaded with tons of benefits and some of the important ones are given below: Healing Ability and Excellent Cure. Bael Fruit also provides an instant relief in leucorrhea and is also very effective on other problems such as hormonal imbalance. It helps you prevent heart diseases by cleansing the arteries. Add 2 spoons of sugar to this powder and heat it, until the sugar gets mixed in it completely. The scientific name of Wood apple is Limonia acidissima. Bael fruit juice is beneficial for joint pain and digestion problem. The bael is … Bael is such an amazing fruit. Bael for Hair: Bael fruit not only benefits the hair but also benefits in treating the scalp problems, as it is rich in various nutrients and vitamins. Let us see the top 16 benefits of bael fruit … This has been used a natural remedy since 2000 BC. Benefits of Bael. It has numerous health benefits and is medically used to treat tuberculosis, hepatitis, dysentery, constipation, piles and peptic ulcer.Aegle Marmalos is also known as bael, Bengal quince, wood apple, golden apple, Japanese bitter orange, and stone apple. Raw fruits look greenish-grey while woody exterior turns yellow upon ripening. Bael: Bael holds a special importance in Indian mythology as well as ancient medicinal systems. Bael Benefits. Overview Information Bael is a plant. Apart from the claimed health benefits bael fruit has a pleasant, slightly woody taste that might remind you of a visit to Thailand. Bael Fruit For Constipation: Fast foods that is very low in fiber is the main cause of constipation. Bael fruit kept in sour gruel improves digestion power, acts as carminative. Bael Fruit : Benefits & Food Values. Bael juice is effective in the regulation of blood glucose levels. 5 Amazing Benefits Of Bael Fruit Heart and Gastro Functions. It is high in vitamin C, A, B1, B2, carotene, potassium, and calcium and best known for promoting and maintaining a healthy digestive system and preventing constipation. Debika chakraborty Mar 16, 2018 16:48 pm Also, very popular consumed as a murabba which is candied Bael. Health Benefits of Bael Juice. The Scientific name of this astonishing fruit is known as Aegle marmelos. It has lots of health benefits. This aromatic fruit is used for both spiritual and medicinal purposes. Here are some of the health benefits of this wonderful fruit. The fruit is also good for your health. Tree roots have loaded with psoralin, scopoletin, xanthotoxin and tembamide. It is present in India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Malesia as a naturalized species. Bael is used in the treatment of skin problems, Hemorrhoids, reduces the rate of respiration and causes sleepiness. It can cure heart, heal the liver problem, purify blood treat Haemorrhoids. The tannin compounds present in … From keeping our digestion better to relieving us from respiratory problems, wood apple can help us in many ways. Bael Fruit also is known as "Wood Apple" in the western country. Bael tea is soothing to the stomach and is commonly used for smooth bowel movement to patients suffering from constipation and other gastrointestinal problems. With high levels of vitamin C, Bael … Massage … Jam made from bael fruit is quite effective to cure liver cyst. Bael, also known as the “Wood Apple”, is a species native to India. Natural health benefits of eating bael fruit and its curative properties. The bael fruit have been grown in India for more than 4,000 years and is extremely appreciated for its identified therapeutic features. Dandelion and milk thistle capsules can be bought online. From this mushy pulp, bael juice is extracted, and it is yellowish-orange with a sweet taste. Bael (Aegle marmelos), a fruit that is native to India with lots of health benefits including its tea. The bael fruit should also not be taken in excess at a time as excessive intake of bael may produce a sensation of heaviness in the stomach and may cause gastric discomfort. The medicinal value of Bael fruit is enhanced due to presence of Tanin, the evaporating substance in its rind. Oil derived from bael fruit pulp is hot in nature, and relieves Vata. Health Benefits. The fruit of this plant takes 10-11 months to ripen. Bael fruit like the rest of the tree has amazing health benefits and treats various illness like constipation, acidity, irritable bowel syndrome, etc. Peel and grind it. Bael Fruit Overview. Why You Should Make Bael Fruit Drink. The bael is … Bael fruit has a hard woody shell that can only be cracked using a machete or hammer. Take raw Bael fruit. The unripe fruit, root, leaf, and branch are used to make medicine. Even the bael fruit contains courmarins and that are altoimpeatorin and B sitosterol. A Ripe Bael Fruit. The pulp inside is quite soft and maudlin, although its shell is hard to break. It has 55 % keratin, 8 % vitamin C and a small amount of vitamin B. Take this once a day. The scientific name of this amazing fruit … The bael fruit should also not be taken in excess at a time as excessive intake of bael may produce a sensation of heaviness in the stomach and may cause gastric discomfort. The bael fruit has a diameter of between 5 to 12 cm. Controls diabetes. It also relieves pain and inflammation. Health Benefits of Bael fruit The health benefits associated with this fruit are never ending. Sweet, aromatic and astringent in nature. Wood Apple or bael fruit is a famous fruit in India and has a lot of health benefits. Beal fruit, also known as wood apple, contains protein, beta-carotene, vitamins, thiamine, riboflavin and vitamin C. All parts of the tree are used for medicinal purposes, but bael juice is the most common way to stay fit and health. Kick that lovely Bael Fruit Benefits in your body. The bael occupies an important place among the indigenous fruits of India. Eat on its own as a fruit- scoop it out with a spoon, you could devour bael in a sherbet- oh that’s to die for, you are going to love it! Diseases Asthma, Bronchitis, jaundice are just a few of the numerous issues that can be tackled by the juice of Bael. Aegle marmelos L., commonly known as bael (or bili or bhel), also Bengal quince, golden apple, Japanese bitter orange, stone apple or wood apple, is a species of tree native to the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia. Aegle Marmalos or bael is a spiritual and medicinal plant. It has a lot of minerals and vitamins. It is a great change from the norm and a good drink to serve as a welcome before Thai themed parties or at summer events. Now let’s have a look at the benefits of bael fruit… Bael fruits are Spherical Shape 7-10 cm Diameter, with a Hard Exterior. Here in this post you will know about various benefits of bael fruit. It is a woody and smooth food which is 5-15cm in diameter. It belongs to the Genus Limonia, family Rutaceae. Bael, eagle marmelos otherwise called Bengal quince, … Final thoughts. 1. Amazing benefits of bael fruit The bael or wood apple fruit belongs to the family of Rutaceae and to the genus of Aegle. A good home remedy for someone who has recently lost a lot of blood, or is simply on the early stages of motherhood, hemoglobin is a must for you to stay strong, something bael juice will gladly provide for you. Bael is a natural medicine in all aspects. Bael fruit is a sweet and aromatic round fruit with a woody texture. The health benefits associated with this fruit are never ending. Other benefits of Bael fruit. Bael is a powerful fruit packed with many nutrients like beta-carotene, protein, riboflavin and vitamin C. Bael is a tree which is native to Indian soil and hence, suits the Indian body as well. Try for 5 days. Wood Apple is also known as Bael Fruit that belongs to the family of Rutaceae and the genus of Aegle. Mix some of the bael fruit extracts with coconut oil and almond oil and then apply this mixture on your hair and scalp. It is subspherical shaped berry or slightly pear-shaped with a thick and hard rind which does not split when the fruit ripens. Both fruits have wood shell that's why there is big confusion between both fruits. The bael tree is considered to be sacred to the Hindus. Bael fruit oil benefits. Bael fruit also known as Wood apple is one of the delicious fruit cultivated in many regions throughout the world with numerous health advantages. Bael fruit juice has the ability to treat mild to severe breathing troubles. Bael fruit is known for its medicinal benefits since 2000BC, people have been including it in their diet to consume the benefits of bael. Natural health benefits of eating bael fruit and its curative properties. Slices of Bael Fruit. Bael fruit juice benefits increase blood count in your body thereby tackling hemoglobin and blood loss problems. Bael fruit provides a large number of health benefits due to its nutritional value. The natural benefits and curative properties of bael fruit: The bael tree is one of the most useful medicinal plants of India. You can consume the bael fruit juice daily as a natural cooler and energy drink. This substance helps to cure diabetes. The rind contains 20% and the pulp has only 9% of Tanin. The bael fruit is naturally sweet and acts a great substitute for sugar. Wood apple benefits has numerous advantages and uses, for example, to cure tuberculosis, hepatitis, looseness of the bowels, heaps and some more, helpful in worm pervasion and stomach related issues. Botanical Name – Aegle Marmelos, Bael juice is considered an effective solution for eye and ear disorders.
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