Discourse on sexuality, seen as a revolt against a repressive system, becomes a matter of political liberation rather than intellectual analysis. Michel Foucault was a French philosopher, social theorist and historian of ideas. Keywords: Foucault, discourse analysis 1. For example, in The Order of Things , Foucault describes the disciplinary boundaries of philology, natural history, and political economy (1970). Foucault’s theory of discourse has been studied by other think-ers, such as Giorgio Agamben, Anthony Giddens, Judith Butler and Kai Alhanen who have combined Foucault’s thought with that of Walter Benjamin and Carl Schmitt. Foucauldian discourse analysis is a form of discourse analysis, focusing on power relationships in society as expressed through language and practices, and based on the theories of Michel Foucault. However, Michel Foucault’s Discourse Theory better known as the Foucauldian Discourse Analysis has widely contributed to explain the concept in modern philosophy. you can certainly justify the classroom as discursive and as a text to be read for inclusions exclusions etc. A. Introduction Discourse analysis (also called critical discourse analysis) is a relatively recent approach to the examination of systematic bodies of knowledge arising from the traditions of critical social theory and linguistic analysis (Barker and Yet despite his preoccupation with power and its effects on the body, Foucault’s own analysis was curiously gender-neutral. After the FOUCAULTian notion of discourse and the conception of discourse analysis that "works with FOUCAULT" are presented, some of the different local/national scenes of discourse analysis are sketched. Foucault suggests the repressive hypothesis is essentially an attempt to give revolutionary importance to discourse on sexuality. Foucault discourse analysis in relation to human knowledge is subjected to language and the power struggle. Foucault's philosophy invents a unique mode of analysis, which he terms “archaeology”, and which retains as its goal the exploration of how knowledge operates as a part of a system or network propped up by social and political structures of power. Throughout Foucault’s oeuvre, examples of critical discourse analysis point to the ways that language has a delimiting role, categorizing what is available to be said and by whom. Subject. Other Possible Terms? Foucault’s approach to discourse analysis in representation holds that discourse itself is … theres a lot of Foucauldian work that takes this approach. Within social con- texts, discourse theory is … Foucault & Discourse A Handout for HIS 389 Dr. Clayton Whisnant Discourse is a term that many will dismiss quickly as useless intellectual jargon, so it is worthwhile discussing why many scholars prefer this term and not some other, more common-day language. Many postmodern discourse theories exist explaining the concept further. The work of Michel Foucault has been extremely influential amongst feminist scholars and for good reason; his meditations on discipline, power, sexuality and subjectivity are particularly pertinent to feminist analysis. discourse is understood in at least two ways – text and conversation as per CDA – and as actions, the material environment, social relations, texts of all kinds .. this is Foucault. He refers to power as being productive and universal everywhere within society. Finally, Foucault sees the work of discourse analysis and interpretation as an ‘incomplete saturation’ and ‘increasing polymorphism’, which could be easily understood as the need to connect empirical observations with further social phenomena: “One has to proceed by … Box 7.1 Some methodological guidelines for conducting Foucauldian discourse analysis BK-SAGE-WILIG_STAINTON-170067.indb 118 11/05/17 3:35 PM FOUCAULDIAN DISCOURSE ANALYSIS 119
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