js.src = "//connect.facebook.net/en_GB/sdk.js#xfbml=1&version=v2.8&appId=470199356343916"; DAY, F. 1878. The fish was also named as Clupanodon ilisha by Lacepede (Hamilton-Buchanan, 1822). BHUIYAN, A.S., ISLAM, M.N. WHITEHEAD 1965. Its oily texture, mouth-watering flavor and unique taste make it the king of all its species. Fish. In the long term, this is an unsustainable practice. National fish Hilsha (Tenualosa ilisha) is gaining national and international recognition, and there has been an increasing trend for the last 18 years. var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; More than a dish, the hilsa fish transcends the culinary world to become a part of Bengali culture. It is the popular food fish to the people of the Bay of Bengal region. Hilsa fisheries serve as the source of livelihood for nearly half a million people in Bangladesh, and thousands more in India. The results of the study conducted by Ms. Das and her colleagues revealed some hard facts related to Hilsa fisheries in the northern Bay of Bengal. Unfortunately, the hilsa fish is in great danger today. I have collected few individuals of Tenualosa ilisha from Rajshahi fish market which were caught along with Hilsa ilisha. 1975. But for fishing-dependent households like Putul Rani’s, the ban means they must find another source of income or depend on what little savings they have to cover basic household costs. 1982. The annual catch data of hilsa provided by the West Bengal Fisheries Department, Government of West Bengal, shows that the annual catch of hilsa has decreased by 13% within a period of 14 years (from 2002 to 2015) in spite of an increase in the number of boats engaged in hilsa fishing by 25%. Now, hilsa, the national fish of Bangladesh, will be registered internationally as a fish of Bangladesh, the Daily Star reported. Fishes of India. (function(d, s, id) { 4. Because the name Hilsa was first proposed by Regan in 1917 and Tenualosa by Fowler in 1934. Nat. Ann. Ilish plays an important role in festive occasions including wedding rituals and other auspicious ceremonies of Bengalis. 115. WHITEHEAD. Proc. The scientific name of this fish is Hilsa Ilisha (Hamilton –Buchanan, 1822). At present, the number of boats operating in the northern Bay of Bengal exceeds the sustainable limit by far resulting in overexploitation of hilsa population. The availability of Hilsa, the national fish, is expected this year like the last few years. Hilsa (Tenualosa ilisha) is the single largest fishery of Bangladesh. A quantity of 1,475 tonnes of the national fish of Bangladesh is being exported as a 'goodwill gesture' towards India. Hilsa is the national fish of Bangladesh and a popular food in the region. Millions of people are also indirectly involved in its trade. All other genera and species of hilsa are marine and they also breed in marine environment. 3. It is an extremely delicious and spicy fish curry recipe that you can be easily prepared at home. Ms. Isha Das, a senior research fellow at the School of Oceanographic Studies, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, and the lead researcher of the study spoke to us about why she chose to focus on the hilsa for her study. She also mentioned that every year, the hilsa catch during the monsoons sets the mark for the market price of the fish. Inland fishes of India and adjacent countries. It also supplies 27% of your daily value of vitamin C, 2% of the iron you require, and an amazing 204% of your daily calciumrequirement. Dhaka. FOWLER. Experts said that increasing siltation at river-mouths has blocked the fish’s migration routes. Here I want to mention that our major carp rui was once named as Cyprinus rohita. Hilsa, Tenualosa ilisha, is a large anadromous shad that is the national fish of Bangladesh. At present the main hilsa landing centres are Chandpur, Chittagong and Barisal. The range of the fish extends from the Persian Gulf to the coasts of Myanmar including both the eastern and western coasts of India. During entire life, Hilsa shad (the national fish of Bangladesh) migrates both from sea to freshwater and freshwater to sea to meet the biological demand. Professor, Department of Zoology, University of Rajshahi, Rajshahi-6205, Bangladesh. Around half a million fishermen are directly dependent on Hilsa production for their livelihood, and another two million indirectly. MUNRO, I.F.R. Prof. Hazra also suggested the following corrective measures be put into place to ensure the recovery of the Hilsa stock: 1. Gopal had bought because of Gopal’s condition. Bull.Br. It is a very popular food fish in the country. HAMILTON-BUCHANAN, 1822. Its natural habitat is the estuaries or the seas. Fig. However, a significant difference was seen in its wandering areas. East Bengalis love Poddar ilish ("ilish" is another name for hilsa) that's been sourced from the Padma River. Fowler (1934) proposed the generic name for this fish as Tenualosa. Bangladesh national fish ilish is Hilsa ilisha and not Tenualosa ilisha. 3. The hilsa is a highly valued fish that is noted for its great taste. It is found in Indian sub-continent especially in Bangladesh. These two are distinct species. The situation in Bangladesh also does not look favorable for the species. The fish is also exported globally. Jul 13, 2020 - Explore Margaret Samantray's board "Hilsa fish" on Pinterest. In addition, efforts should be made to provide substantial assistance to hilsa fisherman while implementing 10 days abstinence ( five days before and after the full moon between 15th September to 24th October) from hilsa fishing during the winter spawning period. So according to the law of priority the name Hilsa remains valid and Tenualosa is discardable since both these names are given to the same fish.
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