I use ultralight gear when I fish for tilapia, but that's not necessary. My name is Mike, I have been fishing for freshwater fish in Florida since 1995. Tilapia prefers warm water that is either still or flows very slowly. I use berkley powerbaits. Basic bottom rig. Good luck! In This video I am testing out some of the Bass lures I want to throw in my upcoming tournament in my big fish tank with two Tilapia/Kurpers. Most seasoned anglers look upon Tilapia fishing as a child's play. Make sure you set the hook, and set it again just in case. Still have questions? Tilapia love 1 inch plastic worms rigged on a small hook! Tilapia is one of the easiest fish to catch provided that you fish for them during right times. Nile Tilapia being wild fishes, prefers to filter feed at the bottom. Use a toothpick when doing this. If you have a murky lake, you should use bright colored baits. Hi all , first time threader, long time reader :D wanted advice from all you knowledgeable folk regarding your lure experiences with public enemy no.1 Tilapia ( after carp,gold fish ..tilapia seems to be the flavor of the day)! I often use this rig for saltwater fishing, especially for vertical presentations hunting for smaller fishes from piers, jetty, boat or even... My latest obsession with fishing rigs. Do not overly burley as this will only waste your baits. During summer I sometimes use moss or "lumot". Tilapia have been known to eat hot dog bits, dog food, split corn kernels from the can, worms of all sorts and crickets. The objective is to allow the moisture to sip into the core of the pellet so that it turns soft & spongy. Use a leader at least 10" long. Remember to use short lures because tilapia normally bite fish mimicking lures. 4 comments. For every 10 or so strikes on my lure, I'll only reel in 1 tilapia. Information about your device and internet connection, including your IP address, Browsing and search activity while using Verizon Media websites and apps. I have also experimented with raising them at my fish farm. You can find tilapia in ponds around states like Florida, Texas, and Alabama. Tilapia stay suspended so keeping the bait in front of them is key. Should I wear a mask while ice fishing with my buddy this winter? Instructions How To Catch Tilapia. They sell for 12.99. So below lies the critical points to consider when fishing for Red Tilapia. Tilapia is a favorite fish to catch by many anglers not only for its delicious mild-tasting meat but also because it is fun and challenging to lure. Since being introduced to the Umbrella rig by a senior angler, I have been fishing Tilapia with this rig ever since. I have spent hours in my back yard pool casting lures and perfecting my … I didn't want to say this but, we often use strawberry soda to moisten the bread when we can't find the readi-mix. Once you've achieved a positive hook up, it's the tug-o-war game between you & the fish. I've seen people use seaweed and moss to catch fish but I've never seen people use those on tilapias. Although they are extremely popular among those seeking largemouth bass, jigs elicit strikes from a variety of species, including smallmouths, trout, walleye, … This usually happens during spring and fall, which is hence considered the best time for catching tilapia. Every time I go I take wax worms as my main bait. On very hot days, those tilapia will even attack lures. I'm sure the bites are not from bass but from tilapia because the treble hook comes loose with a light tug. Here on this page, you will find my recommendations how to catch peacock fish and what tackle and lures work best. Observe how bait fish and prawns move, then try and perfect this action with your rod tip. After about a min,  pour away the water. I've never tried these, but a friend went fishing with me and he caught one with it right away. Anyway, enough with history, let's move on to fishing! However, people do catch tilapia throughout the year with an average success rate. Since my water is dark, I use double colored baits, or real bright ones, or topwater. Tilapia is a species of fish that are prolific breeders. Wax worms have always been my best tilapia bait, and I have literally caught them one after another. Lures, lures, lures. Although the original Tilapia & Red Tilapia share similar biological features, they differ in their behaviors. Click Here to Leave a Comment Below. This rig ... Shimano Sienna 2500 RD   I recently replaced one of my reels with a higher quality one. save. By water body: Most ponds, rivers, canals, and lakes. And I tried lures as well. What Will You Need to Catch Tilapia. Red Tilapia prefers to feed at top water as they have been accustomed in that way since fries. Tilapia on whopper plopper. The most consistent candy bait for tilapia is worms. Leave a Comment: Related Posts. My parents live on Lake Seminole in SW Georgia and we catch them occasionally on the dock. Any recommendation for shore jigging reel size? You'll have to check your local laws for that.~good luck catchin'. The usual comments are "it's too easy", or "where is the challenge?". They grow fast and reproduce in huge numbers. Leave all the other lures at home, they'll never eat it. Getting Ready For Ice Fishing . Lures and baits – If you are keen on catching Tilapia then forget the artificial lures or baits. It is fast becoming a fish that is dominating the fresh fish market. Lure fishing is kind of nice because you only have to tie on the bait one time and as long as you tie well you can reuse it over and over again to catch several fish. In this article, we will be covering not only how to use a popper lure, but what a popper lure is, which fish popper lures attract, and why a popper lure works. Famous Mepps Inline Spinner One of my all time favorite lures. ; ). Using the earlier soaked pellets, toss out a generous handful of pellets into open waters at least 5 meters from the banks. That’s because, when you compare them to most other species, the tilapia is a relatively small fish, which means that using light tackle and a smaller-sized lure is a must if you’re hoping for a successful catch. Lures/baits. I know they are considered a non-native and thought maybe they were going to the way of … feeds, old bread, etc.) share. How do you think about the answers? I see some tilapia in the lake feeding on the bottom, and some will school up right beneath the surface. People were filling their coolers full of tilapia using cut anchovy/sardine at Salton Sea before the fish kill.
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