Are you a lover of the outdoors? No. Disclaimer. we also won’t be selling our hand or body washes in China (where animal testing is required on certain types of personal care products) until we have a way to make them available that aligns with our cruelty-free mission. Do you give Ecover permission to contact you in the future? The mainstream banking & insurance industries continue to invest in shady investments such as fossil fuels and nuclear weapons. today we’re excited to share the latest mission we’ve been shaping: a global commitment to never test on animals – from whales to water fleas. Both Ecover and Method market themselves as cruelty free. SC Johnson takeover leads to boycott of Ecover and Method brands Ethical brands Ecover and Method are now owned by the consumer goods giant SC Johnson. It might not be a vertebrate and it might be microscopic, but it’s technically an animal. Sam Attard reports back on how lending at scale could drastically reduce the impacts of excessive consumer waste. Laundry Laundry Home Care Home Care Dish Dish About Us Our Story Our Mission Transparency + Disclosures Shop Ecover Shop All Find A Store Save $1.00 See . Neither brand started selling any products that might undergo testing in mainland China or testing on animals where required by law since the acquisition, and they’re still on the Leaping Bunny, meaning they agree to an animal testing audit at any time. Ecover and Method are themselves cruelty-free and remain Leaping Bunny certified but are no longer endorsed by Naturewatch because of the parent company. • foetal forms of mammals as from the last third of their normal development; This is why Ecover and Method were able to retain cruelty-free certification despite testing on Daphnia. We shine a light on the food sovereignty movement pushing for a fairer food system that supports local business and we comment on the rise of veganism. Founded in 1979 by a Belgian who left his job at a soap company to make a phosphate-free washing powder, Ecover became the world’s largest ecological cleaning firm last year when it acquired San Francisco-based Method, leapfrogging Burlington, … We are people against dirty, the people behind method and ecover. This information comes from the head of regulatory at Method.”. 27, 2017, you may be entitled to receive a cash payment from the class action settlement. In 2012, the brand merged with Method, a cruelty-free brand, to become the world’s largest green cleaning company. Their parent company, SC Johnson openly admits to testing on animals during the development of its household products. The Body Shop has since been sold and has been returned to independent ownership. Green cleaning company Method has found a new home: European manufacturer Ecover has purchased the home-care products maker for an undisclosed sum … Method opened a factory in the Pullman neighborhood of Chicago in 2015. When asked about their tests on Daphnia, this was Ecover’s response: As a pioneering ecological company, Ecover’s responsibility is to continuously improve the environmental performance of its products. On 16th October 2019, 12 Libraries of Things came together for the first ShareFest. In 2014, Ecover announced a switch from palm oil to using a synthetic alternative. Leaping Bunny vs. PETA: Which Cruelty-Free Certification Can We Trust? Ecover and Method acquired by S.C Johnson 18.10.2017 by Editor (comments: 1) The US corporation SC Johnson & sons , one of the world's leading manufacturers of household cleaning products, signed an agreement to acquire the biobased cleaning products companies Ecover (Belgium) and Method (USA). Worst Ethical Consumer rating for toxics. エコベールは環境にやさしい食器用、洗たく用、住居用洗剤です。エコベールのミッションは、家族、コミュニティ、そして世界のために、CLEAN WORLD REVOLUTION – をリードすること … They are a great complement to SC Johnson’s trusted lineup of iconic brands,” said Fisk Johnson, Chairman and CEO of SC Johnson. Ecover also claimed that Daphnia aren’t able to feel pain, which would be another argument in their favor (but this isn’t fully backed up by science): Some people, like vegans, argue that testing on Daphnia Magna should be banned as it constitutes testing on animals. Both brands brought attention to themselves when they were acquired by SC Johnson, a company that tests on animals, in 2017. SC Johnson is a US company that openly admits to testing on animals and owns other non Naturewatch-endorsed household cleaning brands such as Duck, Shout, Glade, Pledge and Windex. The fashion industry is the second biggest polluter in the world. According to Kim Paschen, both brands “in both North America and Europe have made the commitment to not conduct any Daphnia testing moving forward. Method and Ecover, two of the worlds most long standing and successful bio-based brands, with a wide array of ecologically sound cleaning products has been acquired by SC Johnson, the multinational whose brand stable includes Pledge, Mr. Both brands are now under a boycott call from campaign group Naturewatch, over SC Johnson's links to animal testing. However, a growing number of ethical alternatives makes it easier than ever to switch to a sustainable bank account or pick an insurance company with an ethical policy. Hi, I don’t understand why the new bottles don’t have the Cruelty-Free logos printed on it? SC Johnson took over the brands in December 2017. Still, Daphnia are a part of the animal kingdom (see Wikipedia, as screenshotted below). A major challenge in developing an ecological washing and cleaning product is minimising the effects of its use on aquatic systems. SC Johnson (and therefore Method and Ecover) lose marks for scoring a worst rating in many of the Ethical Consumer categories. In 2017 S. C. Johnson & Son purchased the Ecover and Method brands on undisclosed terms. Both brands have also been making efforts to be “greener” and more eco-friendly alternatives to traditional cleaners, which is something I want to support. The cruelty-free subsidiary and the cruel parent company proclaimed they shared hope for a cruelty-free world. SC Johnson took over the brands in December 2017. © 2014-2019 Cruelty-Free Kitty. All substances that end up in surface water can potentially harm the species living in it: such as bacteria, algae, water fleas and fish. First things first, let’s address the acquisition by SC Johnson. Ingredients, 7 Brands Most People Assume Are Cruelty-Free But Aren’t, How To Find Out If A Company Is Cruelty-Free, 5 Things You MUST Do To Shop Cruelty-Free, When The Claim ‘Not Tested On Animals’ Is Complete Bullshit, How L’Oreal is Misleading Customers About Being Cruelty-Free, Why PETA’s Cruelty-Free List Can’t Be Trusted, Who Owns What? RE: Ecover and Method’s decision to use ingredients derived from Synthetically Modified Organisms (SMOs) in its products We are writing as representatives of several international environmental, consumer and social justice organisations to formally ask Ecover and Method to reconsider its decision to use ingredients derived from synthetic biology in its products. Ecover Hand soap 250ml. I wanted to address what Daphnia are, why Ecover decided to test on them, and where that falls in terms of being “cruelty-free”. A settlement has been proposed in a class action lawsuit that alleges Method and Ecover branded products were deceptively labeled as “natural” and/or “naturally derived.” If you purchased certain Method and/or Ecover products between Aug. 1, 2010 and Apr. After the acquisition, it was brought to my attention that Ecover and Method might take part in tests on Daphnia, which are small water fleas of about 0.2mm in size. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. We sincerely hope that Ecover and Method will stand up for animals by using their new position of influence to convince SC Johnson that the way ahead is cruelty free. The Leaping Bunny also uses this definition, as explained by Kim Paschen: The definitions adopted under the Humane Standards are agreed by the coalition of international animal protection organisations that run the programme. Sales of Ecover and Method products will now boost the profits of their new parent company and help fund animal tests. Finding eco-friendly bathroom products can be a challenge but we aim to make it much easier with this simple guide. Worst Ethical Consumer rating for likely use of tax avoidance strategies. After Ecover acquired rival eco-brand Method in 2012, both were snapped up by S. C. Johnson & Son's in 2017. In contrast, SC Johnson openly admits to testing on animals during the development of its household products. At the time of the take over Caroline Ruane, Naturewatch Foundation CEO, said: It's hugely disappointing to compassionate shoppers when favourite brands compromise their cruelty free credentials by selling out to multinationals that continue to benefit from animal testing. this is our north american website. Both Method and Ecover are green and clean. The booming beauty market is far from pretty. Many of the issues from our homes & garden are often hidden from the consumer, from toxic chemicals in our cleaning products to pesticides in our garden. Ecover disagrees with this reasoning since Daphnia are invertebrates meaning that they have no central nervous system and as such, cannot feel pain. The trouble centres around Ecover’s failure to sign up to the Humane Household Products Standard. Tell Ecover and Method to use their influence to convince SC … They focus on supplying cleaning products that work without using toxic, environmentally dangerous ingredients. The tech sector is plagued by reports of tax avoidance, corporate lobbying and the use of conflict minerals. oet.sulte 300 san frMcisco. Method dropped from an Ethiscore of 12 points to 7. Getting Real: Is Anyone To Blame For Animal Testing. In it we’’ll help you avoid plastic packaging, palm oil and toxic chemicals and help ensure you are buying from more ethical companies. Ecover offers a cleaner solution for every room in the house. It turns out that Ecover has been testing on Daphnia long before being acquired by SC Johnson. Ecover & Method’s Water Flea Controversy And How They Regained Their Cruelty-Free Status. Ecover and Method are mainly cleaning product companies, and many cleaning products are destroying the environment and sea life because toxic chemicals are being dumped in the oceans. Ecover and Method Are No Longer Cruelty Free! I’m looking at Method laundry detergents and hand soaps and none have the Leaping Bunny logo, though they do say “never tested on animals” in small print on the back. We look at the greenest way to wash, clean and cook and how to recycle your old appliances. In this section we look at some of the complex issues in the Energy industry, from the murky world of carbon offsetting to the latest on fracking. Enter your email below to get our list of cruelty-free brands directly to your inbox. After this long controversy, it looks like both brands recently decided to put an end to their testing on Daphnia. As of July 2018, Ecover released an animal testing statement on their website addressing the situation, where they claim that they no longer test on Daphnia (see the full page here): The same goes for Method, where they claim to be committed to never test on animals. We are on the look out for bright (green) sparks to join our growing teams. so we’re choosing to evolve how we approach innovation in Europe. Those were the initial reactions of shoppers when they discovered that Ecover and Method had been acquired by SC Johnson, a company that openly admits to animal testing and whose brands include Duck, Glade, Pledge and Mr Muscle. method(メソッド) ランドリーリキッドフレッシュエアー 300ml (洗たく用液体洗剤)が液体洗剤ストアでいつでもお買い得。当日お急ぎ便対象商品は、当日お届け可能です。アマゾン配送商品は、通常配送無料(一部除く)。 Check out Ecover Careers. while method and Ecover have always been cruelty-free brands, Ecover—as a European company—was required by law to test on daphnia (aka water fleas) when developing new eco-friendly ingredients. When I first heard about Ecover and Method testing on Daphnia, I had removed them from my cruelty-free list. Ecover dropped from an Ethiscore of 11.5 points to 7. People Against Dirty | ecover + method | Europe | 9,736 followers on LinkedIn. I’m glad to hear that Ecover has stopped testing on Daphina and retained their cruelty-free status. “Method and Ecover have a strong tradition of innovation and delivering on consumers’ needs. Image Credit: Daphnia stock photo by Rattiya Thongdumhyu for Shutterstock. Method is still on the Leaping Bunny website; why wouldn’t you use the logo if you’re certified by them? Ecover and Method are mainly cleaning product companies, and many cleaning products are destroying the environment and sea life because toxic chemicals are being dumped in the oceans. Method, the local purveyor of green household cleaning products, is going European. method believes in using the power of our business to create positive social and environmental change. While Ecover … Therefore, the toxicity of our products on aquatic life must be measured to ensure that our products will minimise harm to aquatic life. SC Johnson takeover leads to boycott of Ecover and Method brands. #LETSLIVELCLEAN our products can be a little different in each country. “The audit was conducted with Method personnel and their commitment to remaining cruelty-free was substantiated during this in-person meeting.”. It’s the five-letter word we’ve lived by for the best part of 40 years. Or will they be the ones who can convince a parent company to change its ways and end animal testing? Only Ecover performed tests on Daphnia before the two companies merged in 2012. After all, water is the source of all life on our planet. Naturewatch continues to ask compassionate consumers to boycott all SC Johnson brands, including Ecover and Method, until the entire company is cruelty-free. This is an interesting news since Method and Ecover (I believe) are the two largest manufacturers of several bio-based cleaning and home care products. This is the statement (see full page here): over the last few years, we’ve been working hard to align our brands. All these organisms play a key role in the functioning of the ecosystem in the water. In this post, I’m addressing their long history when it comes to animal testing, from Ecover testing on Daphnia (a type of water flea) to becoming cruelty-free. Both brands are now under a boycott call from campaign group Naturewatch, over SC Johnson's links to animal testing. It’s unclear whether Method has always been cruelty-free, or if an ingredient which was tested on Daphnia by Ecover was used in the formulation of Method products. Discover more about SC Johnson on their company profile page, Ethical Shopping Guide to Laundry Detergents, Ethical Shopping Guide to Washing up Liquid, Ethical Shopping Guide to Household Cleaners. The San Francisco company has been sold to Ecover, a Belgian outfit that sells a … She loves using her creative energy to run her ethical businesses, and when she’s not working, you can find her thrifting cute clothes, listening to podcasts, or rewatching her favorite episodes of The Office. Ethical brands Ecover and Method are now owned by the consumer goods giant SC Johnson. Ecover has been a “controversial” cruelty-free brand for almost a decade. When this happened, however, neither brand lost its cruelty-free status and both pledged to remain cruelty-free despite their parent company. We provide practical information for consumers on how to keep your ethics while you travel. Yes No Send Email Want to talk to us? Do you know? that didn’t feel true to who we are as cruelty-free company and we know many of you felt the same. The Synthetic Scandal Back in June 2014, Ecover announced it would move away from palm oil and switch to using oils produced by synthetic biology company Solazyme Inc. (SZYM) via synthetically engineered algae which feed on sugar. Major brands are exploiting garment workers and harming the environment in the production of shoes and clothing. We look at shops or online platforms that sell a range of products, and how they tend to dominate the market by implementing a profit-first business model and by having a lacklustre approach to ethical practice. However, there has been a rise in sustainable fashion brands, making everything from sportswear to underwear who are putting people and the planet before profit. They came top in our guides to Laundry Detergents, Toilet Cleaners, Washing-up Liquid and Household Cleaners. Why Marc Jacobs Beauty Is Cruelty-Free: An Overview Of Licensing In The Beauty Industry. Will the same story play out for Ecover and Method? After much deliberation and discussion, it was decided to adopt the definition of ‘animal’ currently used in European law as the most consistent global definition available. We take cleaning seriously – but not ourselves. #LETSLIVECLEAN We are Ecover. The Nudestix Attempt: Can a Company Bypass China’s Mandatory Animal Testing? Most active substances in cleaning products are toxic for aquatic life, even in small doses. So, our adopted definition of an ‘animal’, taken from European law (Directive 2010/63/EU on the protection of animals used for scientific purposes) includes: In 2007, the brand received heat from Vegan Society when they dropped their approval of Ecover, as told by Ethical Consumer: The only stain though on Ecover’s otherwise blemish-free record is its ongoing tussle with animal rights campaigners. From the use of toxic chemicals to the prevalence of animal testing, we find that the ethical issues in this sector are often hidden from sight. This includes: Twelve years ago, L’Oréal infamously acquired The Body Shop. We also celebrate ethical companies offering an alternative, from online retailers to sustainable fashion brands. We look at the brands proving that technology can be made ethically, from Fairphone to Green ISP. European law for instance has a specific definition of “animal”, and Daphnia do not fall under this definition. In April 2018 Naturewatch launched a campaign asking supporters and the general public to contact Ecover and Method, expressing their disappointment at the takeover and pledging to no longer buy their products until SC Johnson is cruelty-free. If a water flea is classified as an animal, is it considered “animal testing” if a company uses it to test on? Ecover and Method, as SC Johnson’s newest brands, could use their influence to clean things up from the inside. This is the globally run certification scheme that guarantees that neither a finished product nor its ingredients have been tested on animals. we’re committed to pioneering the future, but only in ways that don’t require us to conduct daphnia testing. Sam Attard, manager of SHARE:Frome and founder of SHARE:UK gives 10 top tips on setting up a Library of Things where you live. Even though it’s an established fact that Daphnia are animals in the basic, scientific term, I found out that not every organization or law will use these common standards. We’ve always done things differently. COVID-19 has had a huge impact on consumer habits with shops shut and deliveries becoming more difficult. Thanks. The takeover also led to Ecover and Method both losing marks in our ethical rankings. Thank you. It’s free and you can unsubscribe any time. My answer would be yes. Sign up now to our email newsletter for a free digital copy of Ethical Consumer magazine. The 10 Best Cruelty-Free Shampoos For Amazing Hair. We are fearless thinkers, mad scientists and adventurous designers who believe making soap leads to … Naturewatch Foundation is calling on Ecover and Method to use their new position of influence with SC Johnson to convince them to stop all commissioning or conducting of animal tests across their entire range of products. Europe-based Ecover offers a similar line of ecological cleaning products that launched in 1980. Ready to change the world? Should I trust this brand or not? CLEAN. Companies That Test On Animals: Should We Boycott Their Cruelty-Free Brands? Still, we could easily argue that there are non-animal tests available and testing on Daphnia might be unnecessary. Ecover and Method, collectively known as People Against Dirty, have always been marketed as cruelty free. It’s a long post, but I wanted to cover all the bases! SC Johnson Signs Agreement to Acquire Method and Ecover SC Johnson is one The Surprising Truth Behind Your Favorite Beauty Brands. Now this is where the story becomes somewhat baffling as this position only makes sense if Ecover were currently testing their products on animals or were planning animal testing in the future, something which Ecover vehemently denies is the case. Dear Method and Ecover, As consumers, we trust that when a company calls itself natural and sustainable, its products won’t contain ingredients produced via genetic engineering or synthetic biology. How to create a Library of Things - 10 Top Tips. We always check the ethics of our advertisers, Copyright: Ethical Consumer Research Association Ltd, 2020. June 19, 2018 / In December, Ecover and Method became affiliated with SC Johnson, a company that openly admit to testing on animals.
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