Nature's Machine Intelligence Journal is due to launch in January 2019 but researchers are already planning to boycott it. Review Speed. A Nature Research Journal. In a statement signed by over 2,500 supporters, Nature Machine Intelligence journal, a […] Research in machine intelligence inspired by natural science can result in innovations that address those weaknesses. The journal Nature Machine Intelligence was launched in January this year and is already setting new standards for transparency and reproducibility of research findings in the field of machine intelligence. ... Register your interest. Nature Machine Intelligence; Acceptance Rate. They're not happy that it will be closed off to members of the public. Menu. The main activities of the group and planned research directions will focus on existing concepts in nature and natural science including intelligent systems such as the human brain. Search E-alert Submit My Account Login. Research Hotspot. Nature Machine Intelligence Self-Citation Ratio. Published: 27 May 2015; Machine intelligence. SJR SNIP H-Index Citescore. Journal Impact. In early May, 2018, multiple news outlets have covered a scientific community outcry over the creation of a new closed-access journal in the domain of machine learning, recently launched by Nature journal as a topical area imprint.
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