Are people ethically obligated to focus on self-improvement? to. 193. If it is subjective, how do we decide whose idea of morality is right? Is the concept of you a continuous thing? There is a tendency among humans to form groups. 196. 116. What other perceptions are affected by the type of language that we use? 18: Facilitation Questions for Philosophical Dialogue 19: 20: 21: 22-23: 24-25: 26-27: Case 28: 29: Contributors 30: 31: 31: Training Introducing Creative Philosophical Enquiry Introduction to the Resource Creative Philosophical Enquiry What is Philosophy? Does it always have to be subjective? These murky waters of abstract thinking are tricky to navigate, so it’s probably fitting that to demonstrate the complexity, the Greek historian Plutarch used the story of a ship. Inherent in this success, however, is our teachers, who need to be as proficient in teaching Philosophical Inquiry as possible if our goals are to be met. 109. 48. How far should we go to augment ourselves with robotics? 108. 167. Why or why not? 6. 138. Where does your self-worth come from? 106. 1. We explain Philosophical and Non-Philosophical Inquiry with video tutorials and quizzes, using our Many Ways(TM) approach from multiple teachers. If I steal food from you and eat it, does the bread stop being yours and effectively become mine? Does knowledge need to have a practical use in order to possess value? 136. If everyone had to say what they were actually thinking, what do you think would happen to society? Why are human beings so confident in beliefs that they cannot prove? What should humanity’s number one goal be? 36. 86. 42. What do you think is the biggest cause of completely avoidable harm in the world? If the government used statistics, artificial intelligence and algorithms to operate, would this be better or worse than the government that we have now? 45. 123. There are just lots of right answers, too. 177. If so, do we have free will? If it can escape tribalism, do you think that it should? 1. Do you think that it is right or wrong that just a handful of people could destroy all life on earth on a whim? If it were to act differently, would it still be you? Would it be terrifying to discover that human beings are the most advanced species in the entire universe? Why are human beings so susceptible to superstitions and magical thinking? Is it possible that animals are self-aware enough to think about their ability to think? There is a trend toward individualism and away from collectivism. 88. \. If you could create a country from scratch, what would you do? 89. Are you replaceable? 105. 39. Do business owners actually have the right to refuse service to certain customers? People will usually feel very strongly one way or the other about this topic. 158. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Are happiness and intelligence connected? Philosophical Inquiry for Classroom Created Jan. 28, 2016 by user Alyson Jones Objective. How much effort should the average person put into not offending other people? 200. 115. What are the limits that should be placed on censorship? 160. If someone is extremely intelligent, would they be more or less happy than the average person? 63. 30. 198. If freedom means simply the ability to do what you want, are animals freer than people? In the future, there will be advancements in human augmentation. Is justice a human concept and construct or does it exist independently of human? How important is play time or free time in having a fulfilling, healthy and happy life? 200 Philosophical Questions That Make You Think, 15 Angry Breakup Songs for Spurned Lovers, 300 Dark Elf Names for Your Fantasy World. With technology, you don’t have to use republics anymore. 187. Search Pages. Philosophical*Questions*About*Teaching* Philosophy:*What’s*at*Stake*in*High*School* PhilosophyEducation?1* * TREVOR NORRIS Brock University Abstract: What is at stake in high school philosophy education, and why? How would it work and continue to function? But, as Sharon Vatsky often reminds me, sure there are. 130. We have divided these 200 philosophical questions into different groups to make it easier for you to find the right questions. What do you think that it means to live a good life? 102. 165. 73. 78. 68. Did inventing the atomic bomb actually make the world a safer, more peaceful place? 178. Journal Inquiry An Interdisciplinary Journal of Philosophy Submit an article Journal homepage. If you had to make a guess, what do you think is the most likely way for you to die? Is it a good life? 22. 25. Do you think this is overall positive or negative? Why do we avoid or resist doing things that are good for are overall well-being while desiring things that actually hurt our well-being? Why is it that some societies place a higher value on emotions and expressing emotions? 60. Should we ever put limits on free speech rights? Is gross domestic product (GDP) the best measure? We have always known the world to exist. Why or why not? Ideas 5.Example. What is the best way for someone to achieve happiness? Wondering 4. Could it be possible to be alive in two places at once? 43. 194. Is this a positive or negative overall? 190. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Would things get better or worse if humans focused more on the things that are going well? 50. How likely do you think it is that humanity will last another 1,000 years without killing itself off? How do you think humanity would react to discovering extraterrestrial life? Or would it be more terrifying to find out if we are not the most advanced species in the universe? Reading for Philosophical Inquiry: A Brief Introduction to Philo-sophical Thinking ver. Could it be possible to be alive in two places at once? Is wisdom or intelligence more useful? What types of limitations should be placed on it? 41. Do you have a right to your life and thus a right to commit suicide? How will humans as a species go extinct? It studies of what there is and how those things relate to each other. This essay … If are emotions are created by biochemical reactions, then it is possible to imagine a future where we could use technology to theoretically control our emotions. 10. 139. Does fate exist? While we have tried to include as many different topics as possible, the field of philosophy is really too large to be combined into a single article. 85. 58. "Philosophical inquiry involves attempting to answer the most fundamental questions about a topic. Some studies show that certain animals possess empathy. 98. Do you think these advancements will be relatively fast or will it be incremental, gradual changes? Counter example If you could become immortal and lose the right to kill yourself or die, would you choose to be immortal? 12. If there is a limit, what will happen when we reach our limits on studying reality? If so, when do you think that we will reach this point? 90. Reading for Philosophical Inquiry: A Brief Introduction to Philosophical Thinking, An Open Source Reader, version 0.21 The textbook is available in several formats, all are free, now subject to the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License : 163. 151. Does a person’s name impact the person that they end up becoming? 142. 8. On one side of the scale, you have complete humans. 122. Where do you get your self-worth from? 5. As we discover more about quantum physics, we become less able to really understand the nature of reality. 199. Is a life that focuses on getting pleasure and avoiding suffering worthwhile? What genetic changes would you make to humanity to improve them as a species? While some of these questions seem extremely simple, they often carry broader implications and meanings. lends itself to the creation of an argumentative essay or product. What Does Seeing a Dead Person Alive in My Dream Mean? 13. 18. Does it need any updates? Which beliefs do you think will change soonest as new research emerges? 197. If not, what actually makes someone stronger? Is this just a temporary change before our minds adapt to understand the information? 148. Can it be said that you are ever truly dead? What would happen if a maximum income was implemented? For example, think of work, hobbies, religion, helping people or family. What do you think is the largest threat to the social contract within our nation? Is free will real or just an illusion? 52. 20. 134. How long would those consequences be experienced? What do you think is the most likely option? Do all animals possess the same rights or does this change depending on the complexity of each animal? Do you think that social media has been a net positive or a net negative for society as a whole? Do you think that suffering is a necessary or inevitable part of being human? Others believe that there was nothing before something. 5. What do you attribute your failures to? You could actually allow every citizen to vote on every measure. Would it ever be possible for human beings to experience the world in real time? 47. While implying or presenting Citation search. Citation search. Do you think that all people have the same value or that an individual’s value is based on their actions? 3. 157. 2. Other people think that a life without purpose gives you the freedom to create your own purpose. How intelligent could you make an animal like a dog become? Imagine you could make an ideal government. stimulates ongoing thinking. It publishes articles, reviews, and critical notes in English, German, and French from authors in … 28. If you could press a button and get a million dollars (but one stranger would die), would you press that button? 0.21; An Open Source Reader by Lee Archie by John G. Archie Would it be ethical to terraform other planets if it means we might destroy microscopic alien life that is currently undiscovered? 170. What does it mean to live a good life? Do you think more anonymity makes people more likely to behave? It is impossible that all of your beliefs are true. 59. Why?" Is everything just our perception of reality instead of actual reality? 54. Is math something that we discovered or something that we made? How far do you think the government should be allowed to go to protect citizens from harming themselves? requires the use of primary / secondary sources to answer it. Is it possible to live a nor… Is the meaning of life the same for humans and animals? 97. 183. What do you think is the largest waste of human potential? Reason 3. As technology advances, more scientific breakthroughs could radically change society. Is there a meaning to life? When is it ever justified to take a human life? 96. Do you think fate and free will exist? 144. You can use these questions as a starting point for a longer discussion or even debate the topics with your friends. Why do human beings have such an urge to distract ourselves from reality? Why? Do you think that free will exists or that it is an illusion? 44. What body parts would you augment and why would you do it? Assuming that a global government came to power and was not particularly evil, do you think that this would be a good or a bad change? 132. 70. If babies are completely innocent, at what stage in development do they stop being innocent? 159. An explosion in civilization, a growth in cities and the agricultural revolution have all occurred in just a short space of time. 162. Search Categories . A philosophical inquiry. If you could get transporters from Star Trek, your particles would be taken apart and then reassembled. Is it possible for human beings to create something completely unique and novel that is based on nothing in existence? If there were no laws limiting your behavior, what would you do? Will humanity be limited in what they can make through science and technology? Is it harder or easier to achieve success in the modern world than it was 10, 50, 100 or 1,000 years ago? 186. 107. 7. (The answer to question A is more fundamental than the answer to question B if and only if the answer to B takes for granted or presupposes the answer to A.) What do you think is the most important goal that each person should have in life? Can it be said that you are ever truly dead? What is the best way to train people about the gradients of the world instead of just thinking of things as right or wrong? 195. Choose from 78 different sets of philosophical inquiry flashcards on Quizlet. Philosophical Questions about Teaching Philosophy: What's at Stake in High School Philosophy Education?. You might ask students "What is the most important question to ask? If we discovered that some of our personality makeup was from genetics and could be changed with gene therapy, would it be ethical to remove personality traits that cause harm like compulsive lying, aggression or cruelty? At what point is overthrowing the government ethical? Does every creature live in its unique, personal reality? What lifestyles, situations, people or events make hatred more likely to grow? If the universe possesses finite limits, what would be beyond the edges of the finite universe? 192. What are the largest moral dilemmas that your country is facing at this moment? 10. Would the world be a better or worse place if you could make everyone look exactly the same? What would it look like? 6. These signals are not even processed in real time, so there is a slight delay in what you receive. Should euthanasia be made legal? Once students are familiar with a sampling of these questions, they can be given the freedom to imagine questions of their own. Do you think that privacy is a right? 188. 69. If you could simulate every neuron in your mind with a computer, would the computer have human consciousness? Is there a meaning to life? 176. to. 1. 19. 35. How would society change if our life expectancy increased to 100, 150 or 500 years? What types of changes would take place? There are also many more questions that remain unanswered. 181. 7. What should be the goal of humanity? Sometimes we go so far as to claim that there are no wrong answers to an open-ended interpretive question. If you could save someone’s life, but doing so would break the law, would you be ethically justified to not save them? Teaching philosophy isn't just good pedagogy - argues Oxford philosopher Peter Hacker - it safeguards society. Would human beings still be capable of rational thought if language did not exist? 124. Thinking Through Questions: A Concise Invitation to Critical, Expansive, and Philosophical Inquiry | Weston, Anthony, Bloch-Schulman, Stephen | ISBN: 9781624668586 | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon. What standards do you use to judge yourself? Human beings and animals perceive reality in different way. 169. 62-72 ! Do you think that there are any rights that you should have, but don’t? Is there a point where humans should stop? 9. Top Tag’s. How much of your personal privacy would you give up for safety? How does language affect our thinking? How do you think that you could contribute to society?
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